Meet me in Spain!

I will be having presentations in Spain in Murcia, Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona. Join any or all of the presentations, if you can. Details can be found on the below posters.

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DXN IV. European Leadership Camp

Camp1Europe understood the DXN business opportunity’s importance and we have numerous talented business builders here.

As you know, we get together in a beautiful location every year to spend 3 days together in order to learn, inspire each other and have some fun. This year we met in Italy, by the breathtaking Lake Garda. The motto of the camp was “Share your passion”, and it was good to share with the others why I’m so passionate about this business.

Camp2I held a presentation about the WOW factor in business. In my presentation I explained with examples how you can get people say WOW when you talk about the DXN business opportunity so that they will want to join you.

Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin shared with us many untold stories about how he started DXN. We listened to many interesting speeches and success stories from European and international leaders and we had also an olimpic champion, Ben Hunt Davis.

camp4There was also time for outdoor team building, personal consultations with the members of our network and fun. Saturday evening there was a theme party and we dressed with the traditional costumes of our countries.
Hungary did so well that we won the Country Pride Awards!

Also, get ready for Hungary, because the V. European Leadership Camp is going to be held here! Work hard on your business this year and join us next year to learn more and feel the passion of the DXN business.

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DXN Presentation in London

DXN london

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MLM business in Turkey: the official DXN opening

turkey1On May 22, 2016 we officially opened the Turkish market, but as Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin said, it was more like an anniversary than an opening ceremony.

The Turkish DXN business builders are very motivated and they are doing an amazing job.

The Turkish market has seen an incredible growth in a few months and now we have more than 10.000 members.

turkey2The opening ceremony took place at the elegant Green Park Hotel on the Asian side of Istanbul and we had almost 1000 attendees.

Naturally Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, DXN’s Founder and CEO held a speech. In 2 hours he talked about DXN’s 23 years of history and he shared with us details about the company’s success and development. After him Mr. Abdul Rahmat, Mr. Sean Higgins. Mr. Pavlos Chatzigiannis and me too had the occasion to take the stage.

turkey3In this special occasion we also showed a special DXN video to the members that they really liked. It showed DXN’s history and success.

We couldn’t miss elements of the Turkish culture and we all enjoyed the performance of the Colors of Anatolia dance group. To close the event properly, we handled the well-deserved pins to the Turkish Star Agents and Rubies. The DXN business is really the next best thing in Turkey so join now, don’t miss it!

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DXN market opening in Turkey

Good news for all you DXN business builders out there! The DXN MLM business is oficially on the Turkish market.
You are all welcome to the opening ceremony where you can meet Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jim, DXN’s founder and CEO, Mr. Sean Higgins, the European Marketing Director, Mr. Abdul Rahmat, International Marketing Coordinator and of course, me too.
Save the date!

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DXN MLM weekend in Turkey

The Turkish people like good coffee and business, so it was obvious that they were going to like the DXN MLM business opportunity with the Ganoderma coffee!

In Turkey, there has been a huge interest for this new business solution since the very beginning. As you could see from my posts, I travelled to Turkey several times in past months and so did other leaders and trainers of DXN in order to share their knowledge with these enthusiastic leaders and distributors.

So, when Turkish leader Ercan Kaya invited me to participate at the weekend seminar he was going to hold for his team I immediately accepted.

I held 3 presentations about the DXN MLM opportunity in Ankara, with a special focus on online business building. This is the best thing about this network marketing business: you can work from anywhere with the whole wide world! The Turkish DXN members like this idea, they are thinking both locally and globally.

It’s also nice to see how business can bring together people from so many different cultures.
Follow my blog and my social media pages to see the latest news about the DXN MLM business in Turkey! We’ll have a fantastic event very soon!

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DXN MLM now in the UK

More and more people are looking for financial freedom and this new business opportunity is conquering the United Kingdom now. The dream of being your own boss is closer than you think with the DXN solution and you can start your own business right now.

To make this dream come true for many, in April I presented the DXN MLM opportunity in Birmingham and in London, together with Executive Gold Diamond Leader Szabolcs Czérna and Sean Higgins, DXN’s European Marketing Coordinator.

We had the first presentation in Birmingham on April 29 and the second in London on April 30. In both occasions we had the pleasure to meet new ambitious distributors and their guests, as well as established, already successful leaders.

I shared my DXN success story with the attendees, willing to demostrate that in this MLM business it is possible to become very successful without having to change our personalities. You can make your dreams come true if you do what you are the best at, even inside your comfort zone.

Mr. Higgins presented the company and Mr. Czérna gave useful tips about business building. We also recognized the recently qualified leaders. The events were so successful that we have already decided to go back to the UK in July to hold longer presentations and trainings. Stay tuned for the news!

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Launch your own enterprise

8Are you thinking about starting your own business? Do you want to launch your own enterprise without any investment? If your answers are yes, then the DXN MLM business opportunity is perfect for you.

It’s not a problem if you don’t have money to invest and as you could read in my other posts we offer high quality products, the most up-to-date business tools, trainings and assistance.

All the rest is in your hands. You can let your creativity flow and create the business as you wish to. Success is guaranteed with DXN because you are free to work as you like, you don’t have to change your personality in order to succeed. Remember, you are perfect as you are, we all have our own personality, resources, ideas, creativity and skills, and our business has to reflect these. You must not appear someone else, people will like you and follow you for who you are.

So, everything is given for a great business, with DXN you can finally become the entrepreneur you always wanted to! Are you ready to start? I’m just a click away and I’m always available for more information and personalized pieces if advice!

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DXN Bangladesh 15th Anniversary

f1As you already know from my blog, DXN is an MLM business without borders. This is an international business opportunity that also offers you the possibility to travel to different countries, get to know different cultures, meet interesting people all over the world and share other DXNers joy of reaching success.

On April 16th I had the pleasure to participate at DXN Bangladesh’s 15th anniversary celebration! I was very happy and honored for the invitation and I was looking forward to this day with excitement.

f215 years are a lot. 15 years of success are the proof that this company has past, present and future. During my stay in Bangladesh I met the management members, the successful DXN MLM leaders, the satisfied customers and determined new DXN members.

The Recognition Nite was very special. For me, as a business builder it is always an emotion to see how happy the recently qualified networkers are when they receive the well deserved recognition for their hard work. Motivation was not missing during the celebration, I had the feeling that they are just going to do better and better from the next day on! It was nice to meet the DXNers from Bangladesh and I’m sure we’ll see eachother on the top!

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In 2016 DXN placed 24th in the top 100 list of direct selling companies

DXN placed 24th in the top 100 list of direct selling companies In 2016. At the award ceremony DXN was represented by Prajith Pavithran, the Regional manager of America. A summary video has been prepared of this event. It can be viewed and downloaded below.


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